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Identify of measurement for data classified by marriage status (married A Nominal Ordinal Interval D. Ratio 2. Every fifth teenager entering concert checked for possession Identify which ampling A. Random Stratified Cluster D. Systematic LPGA Valley of the Sun Tournament are D. mean Median Mode=67 D. 2.2 The 30 adults are listed below. Find Q1. 189 189 190 192 195 225 238 255 265 D. 180 6. How many different be chosen from a club ef 2 Lpeople? A. 6840 B. 2280 1140 D. 60 7. What the probabilit of drawing red eard ace from a deck of 52 playing cards? A B. C. D. 13 52 15 26 8. A group of students were asked it they carry credit card The responses are listed in the below Class Credit Card Carrier Not a Credit Card Carrier Total Freshman 60 100 If the probability that he or she owns credit card given that the A. 0.625 D. 0.715 favored building police substation in their chosen, find the binomial probability that exactly 10 of them D. 0.667 10. six different colors The Color piece of brown candy 0.14 0.32 0.68 11 Find the the to the RIGHT of 1. A. 0.8413 0.5398 lounces and s tandard deviation of ounce Theorem find the will 12.1 ounces Assum normal A. 0.2123 0.9332 13. age years with standard population mean A. the populatic has test scord of D. 15. Assume e heights are random sampli of 20 men have height f 62. inches and standard deviation ol 2.3 inches. Construct a interval for the population variance, A. ( B. ( C. 2.78 13.17) D (2.13 10.76) 16. Calculate the correlation coefficient, for the data below. x 0/2 Ly 6 A. 0.881 B. 0.990 C. 0.819 D. 0.792 17 Find the equation of the regression line for the SAMI given data. Y -10 A. 2.097x 0.552 B y=0.522x 2.097 c. =2.097x+0.552 D.y==0.522x+2.097 18. Find =0.05 and 15. d.f - A 2.98 D. 2.48 19. Max large as u, for two different randomly selected from normal population claim 0.05 whichof $ = 15 H. Itis a two-tail test Itisaleft-tail test 20. patients his doctor more than 14 minutes find that sample mean minutes minutes If you were to test the patient' claimat =0.01, A -2.33 D.2.33 21 pharmacist says Stomach Cool" heartburn less time than Rapid Relief." To test this theory. he fees people as soon a they SAME chili and gives them Stomach Cool" as soon a they The results fhow long each product took orelieve their heartburn shown Patient Rapid Relief Stomach order this dependent datato make find d. Which ofte following the correct D.2 22. The says that percentage of peopli who don pay their the table on the left. You question results in the table on the right. Expected Observed: Age Age Number paying on time 102 60- 60 79 24 If you would your x test statistic? A.1.41 B. 0.145 C.0.295 D.1.29 23. When performing the claim that the population proportion p <0. 15 given n =0.1 using 0.01 Which of the following sthe correct step 5 concerning the decision claim? A There enough the B There enough evidence c There D. There 24 and Letermined the

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Q1 A. Nominal
Q2. D Systematic
Q3. mean = 69
median = 68
Model = 73
Q4. A 3.2...

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