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Solve the 2D advection diffusion equation so It n + 00" + so = K (20) 2x2 + 20 dy2 n are dy suppose the spatial domain and K=0.0001 and tE[0,4] and o"(x,y,o) = sin/4txxy) periodic. Using C program to solve them. Namely, write the C Code that solves the above equation. Hint: I Take the initial Conditions from the paper 2 Use the CTU method and DCU method because the equation is written in 2 Dimension.

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/****************** 2D Advection Diffusion Equation with Constant Coeficients****************************/

/*********************READ ME*************************************/
* To run the code:
* 1.Open the terminal in the folder containing Code.c
* 2.Type in : gcc Code.c -lm
* 3.Type in : ./a.out
* Now .VTK files will be created in this folder
* To plot the Results use Visit
* And Plot Theta Variable
* ****************************************************************/


#define PI 3.14156

// Problem Parameters
#define NX   (100+2)       // No of Cells in X direction including ghost cells
#define NY   NX          // No of Cells in Y direction including ghost cells
#define N    NX*NY       // Total Number of Cells including ghost cells
#define L    1.0E0       // Length of Square domain
#define K    0.0001E0    // Diffusion Coefficient
#define u    1.0E0       // Since u = 1.0 we need not explicitly use it
#define v    1.0E0       // Since v = 1.0 we need not explicitly use it

#define dx   L/(NX - 2)
#define dy   L/(NY - 2)
#define dt   1.0E-5

void Set_Up_Boundary_Conditions(double * Theta_n);
void Solve_Matrix_System_BiCGSTAB(double * Theta_np1, double * b);
void Get_Ax_vector(double * x,double * Ax_vector);
void Write_Output_VTK(int SiNo,double * Theta_n);

int main()
double T_f    = .1;         // Final time

double deltax = dx;
double deltay = dy;
double deltat = dt;

//Checking Stability
//For the reason Read Finite Volume Methods for Hyperbolic Problems Leveque Page 449
    if( ( (deltat/deltax) + (deltat/deltay) ) < 1.0E0 )
      // The current dt is stable
      printf("The current dt used is too large!!! Exit\n");
      return 0;

int    END = (int)(T_f/dt) + 1;
double time = 0.0E0;

int i,j,k,n;                                     // Loop counters

int l;

// Initialisation of Theta varialbles
double * Theta_n   = malloc(sizeof(double)*N);    // Theta at time n
double * Theta_np1 = malloc(sizeof(double)*N);    // Theta at time n + 1

double * b         = calloc(N,sizeof(double));    // Setting b vector

// Set up Initial Condition
      l = j*NX + i;
      // Given Initial Condition is sin^2(4*pi*x*y)
      Theta_n[l]   = sin(4.0E0*PI*( (i-1)*dx + dx/2.0E0 )*( (j-1)*dy+ dy/2.0E0 ) )*sin(4.0E0*PI*( (i-1)*dx + dx/2.0E0 )*( (j-1)*dy + dy/2.0E0 ) );                     

// Boundary Conditions are taken care of


// Starting the main loop

    // Boundary Conditions are taken care of

    // Solving the advection equation using Donor Cell Upwind
       l = j*NX+i;
       Theta_n[l] = Theta_n[l] + (dt/dx)*(Theta_n[l-1] - Theta_n[l]) + (dt/dy)*(Theta_n[l-NX] - Theta_n[l]);
    // Solving the Diffusion part using Crank-Nicholson Scheme
    // Boundary Conditions are taken care of

    // 1.Set up b vector   

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