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Priceler manufactures sedans and wagons. The numbers of vehicles that can be sold each of the next three months are listed in the next table. Each sedan sells for $8,000, and each wagon sells for $9,000. It costs $6,000 to produce a sedan and $7,500 to produce a wagon. To hold a vehicle in inventory for one month costs $150 per sedan and $200 per wagon. During each month, at most 1,500 vehicles can be produced. Production line restrictions dictate that during month 1 at least two-thirds of all cars produced must be sedans. At the begging of month 1, 200 sedans and 100 wagons are available. Formulate an LP that can be used to maximize Priceler’s profit during the next three months.

Month   Sedans    Wagons
1          1,100             600
2          1,500             700
3          1,200                50

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