1) A biased coin is flipped 5 times. If the probability is 1/3 that...

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1) A biased coin is flipped 5 times. If the probability is 1/3 that it will land heads on any toss, calculate the probability that the coin: a) lands heads all five times. b) lands heads at least three times. c) lands tails at most one time. 2) with The u = Motor 2700 lbs. Vehicle and of Commissioner = 300 lbs. Determine reports that the following: the weight of passenger cars is normally distributed a) the percent of cars weighing more than 2200 lbs. b) the percent of cars weighing less than 3500 lbs. c) the percent of cars eeighing either less than 2100 lbs. or more than 3800 lbs. 7.2 of 1.4 lbs? lbs. What is the probability that a random sample of 49 babies has a sample mean weight of at least 3) The mean weight of newborn babies in a Long Island Community is 7.5 lbs. with a standard deviation that the machine is operating correctly,a sample of 81 bottles was selected and the contents of each bottle 4) A beverage company has a machine that is supposed to fill soda bottle with two liters of soda. To check was determined. The sample mean was 1.93 litters of soda. Does this indicate that the machine is improperly filling the bottles? Use mean = 2.0 liters, standard deviation = 0.02 liter and 1%. 5) An advertisement for an alkaline battery claims the batteries have a mean life of 100 hours. Fortty-nine batteries are tested and found to have a mean life of 97.45 hours with S = 7. Based on the sample results would you feel that a mean life of 100 hours is too high? (Use of 1%) 6) An insurance company claims that male drivers under age 25 have more accidents per year than male drivers 25 years of age or older. An independent sample of size 40 is randomly selected from each age group. The mean number of accidents per year for the male drivers under age 25 was found to be 1.2 with S = 0.1 while the mean number of accidents per year for the drivers 25 years of age or older was found to be 0.94 with S = 0.2. Do you believe the claim of the company is correct at oF 5%? 7) A personnel director believes that there is a significant correlation between the distance (in miles) an employee travels to work and the number of minutes per month the employee is late. Data from a random sampling of 10 employees obtained a sample correlation coefficient of r = 0.46. Test the significance of the population correlation coefficient at = 1%. 8) A financial investment broker believes that Dow Jones Average is related to the prime interest rate. She studies the Dow Jones Average and the prime interest rate for a three year period. Her results are summarized in the table. Do the results of the study indicate that the Dow Jones Average and the Prime Interest Rate are dependent ato(=1%? Dow Jon├ęs Average Prime Row Rate Increase Decrease No Totals Change b a 17 15 e 13` 45 Increase e 34 f 38 105 Decrease d 33 b 8 25 26 - 24 75 No Change 75 75 75 225 Column Totals

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