The console you will be working on for your assignment is a classic in-line analog console with the following I/O controls and specifications:
- Mic Preamp/Trim
- Small Fader
- Large Fader
- Large Channel Input Trim
- Small Channel Stereo Pan Pot
- Large Channel Stereo Pan Pot
- VU Meter
- Large Channel Aux Send Pot
- Small Channel Aux Send Pot
- Tape Switch
- Mic Switch
- Small Channel Mute
- Large Channel Mute
-6 dB pad
- EQ Switch
- Direct "DIR" Switch
- "24" Switch
- Pre/Post Aux Send Switches
1. Under normal conditions, the mic preamp feeds the Small Fader path, which can be assigned to the stereo bus; the multitrack feeds the Large Fader path, which can be assigned to both the multitrack busses and the stereo bus. The Large Fader path feeds the Direct Out, post fader.
2. The "24" switch gives the Small Fader path access to the multitrack busses, instead of the Large Fader path. Both paths can still be assigned to the stereo bus.
3. The Tape switch feeds the multitrack signal to the Small Fader path (in addition to the Large Fader path).
4. The Mic switch feeds the mic preamp output to the Large Fader path (in addition to the Small Fader path).
5. The EQ switch puts the EQ into the Small Fader path, instead of the Large Fader path.
6. The -6 dB pad affects the return from multitrack only but will affect both the Small and Large Fader paths when the Tape switch is engaged.
7. The VU meter can be switched to indicate any one of the following: Small Channel input level; Large Channel input level; Direct output level. This last selection reflects any changes made through the Large Channel Fader.
8. The mute switches cut the post-fader Aux sends, but not the pre-fader Aux sends
9. The mute switch in each path will cut the Direct Out and/or Multitrack Bus signal when either of these are being sourced from that path
10. The "DIR" switch gives the Small Fader path access to the Direct Output post-fader, instead of the Large Fader path.

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