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Using either T-filter or the Matlalb Filter Designer app, design a filter based on the specifications below. A. Sampling Frequency { 16 kHz if your age is even fs = 24 kHz if your age is odd If your birthday is between November 25th and December 4nd, you 'll have to use both. B. Filter Type Month of Birth Filter Type January, February, March Bandpass April, May, June Lowpass July, August, Spetember Highpass October November December Bandstop C. Frequencies For High Pass and Low Pass use Cutoff Frequency f = ( 400 your + .25). * fs Next to the last digit of cellphone number For Bandpass and Bandstop, let fc be the center frequency and the total width be 15 * fs D. Transition Bands For High Pass and Low Pass, let the transition band be .15 * fs For Bandpass and Bandstop, let the each transition band be 1 * fs E. Passband Ripple and Stopband Attenuation The passband ripple should be less than 5 dB and the stopband attenuation should be at least 40 dB. Design several filters that meet these specifications using different length, windows, etc. For each filter show the frequency response, phase response, location of poles and zeros, and impusle response. In your report, explain all your results and recommend one of your choices to be implemented. Illustrate the operation of your filter you believe should be implemented by using the filter (b, a, x) function where x is a sine (or cosine) with fre- quencies .13fs, 27fs, 32fs, and .4fs. Show that these results are reasonable.

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