Instructions for the project:

The class project focuses on data analysis using statistical techniques. You can choose to collect your own data or use preexisting data.

For this project, you are free to choose topics that you are interested in. For example, you could consider the relationship between two variables such as student’s average amount of sleep and their GPA; compare the quality of cooked rice under effects of types of rice, cooking pots, and cooking time; determine whether there is a difference in average GPA for students living on campus vs. students who live off-campus…. Be creative!
Requirements for the project
• Use APA format to write up the project. to help you with the write-up.
• The following website on APA website is helpful:
• The final project should be between 5-10 pages (excluding the appendix) and includes 6 parts:
- Introduction
- Method
+ Data collection: procedure, survey question, sources, comment on difficulties and limitations
- Result
+ Descriptive analysis: descriptive statistics for one or more variables, appropriate tables, graphs and charts
+ Inferential statistics: results of confidence intervals and tests covered in class, can be one or more of the following: z, t (dependent, independent samples), F , ANOVA, regression and correlation, Chi-square. May also include appropriate graphs, tables. Detailed output and computations should be included in the appendix.   
- Discussion: Interpret the results of the analysis.
- Conclusion
- References
Requirements for data
• At least one categorical variable with at least 3 categories
• At least two quantitative variables
• Include a solid idea about the topic(s) you want to do
• Include description of your data (It would be ideal if you already have the data at this point). If you have not had data yet, include a solid plan of how you would collect the data.
• Include a draft about how the data will be analyzed

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Every human need sufficient sleeps per night. Students are no exception. Students who live on campus or in an apartment have the luxury to decide to go to class or not, take a sleep. A successful student is able to find the balance between these activities.
This study wants to find the relationship between sleep per night and GPA for undergraduate students. We want to answer the question; that if college students sleeps more, will their GPA be negatively affected?
We utilized an online survey to gather research to support our assumption. After creating the 9 question survey, we sent it to our peers to fill out. The dependent variable being tested is GPA. The independent variables are hours studying per week, age, gender, hours of sleep per night and concentration level.
The regression we ran from our data supports our initial assumption along with many other variables included in our study. Below are our statistical data sets and our regression model....
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