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1. producer of various kindsof batteries has been producing "AA" size batteries with life expectancy of 87 hours Duc to an improved production process, believes that there has been a increase int life expectancy of their AA size batteries. sample batteries showed an average life of 88. hours Iti known that the standard deviation the population hours Give the null and the alternativi hypotheses List Type and Type error b. Compute test statistic c. At the 1% level ol significance using the critical value approach, test management belief d. What >value associated with the sample results? What your con clusion based on the --value usinga .01? Whati your conclusion based on the -value using .02? Compare the two. 2. An automobile manufacturer stated that willbe willing to mass produce electric powered cars if more than 30% pfotential buyers indicate they will purchase newly designed electric cars sample 500 potential buyers, 160 indicated that they would buy such product. a. State t hypotheses for this problem. List the Type and Type b. Compute the standard error Population Proportion. c. Compute the statistic. d. At the level significance, what your conclusion? Should the manufacturer produce the new electric-powered car? Why? 3. The Department of Economic and Community Development reported that. 2015 the average number fnew jobs created county 450 The department also provided the following information regarding sample of counties 2016. New Jobs County Created 2016 410 B 480 c 407 D 428 E 400 a. Compute the sample average and the standard deviation for b. We determine whether there has been significant decrease i the average number jobs created Provide the null and the alternative hypotheses Compute the test statistic. d. Compute the --value; and a the 5% level test the hypotheses. Assurne the population normally distributed What expected? 4. the past, the average age of employees of large corporation has been 40 years. Recently company been hiring older individuals In order determine whether there has been the average age empl byces, sample 64 employees was selected. The average age in the sample was years with standard deviation 16 years Leta = .05. State and alternative Compute statistic. c. Using -value approach test determine whethe or not the mean age all employees is significantly more than 40 years. 5. The average gasoline price of one the major oil companies has been $2.20 per gallon Because of cost reduction measures. itis believed that there has been significant n the average price. otest this belief. randomly selecte asample of 36of stations the average price stations in the sample was $2.14. Assume that the standard deviation of the population (a)is $0.12. State the null and the alternative hypotheses. b Compute the test statistic Whati p-value associated with the above sample results? d. Using .05. test the company's claim and discuss. 6. Cars Inc. has been manufa turing that have averaged 50 mile per gallon gasoline in highway driving. has developed more efficient engine small and now advertises new small average more than 50 miles gallon highway driving testing service -tested the The sample showed miles per gallon with standard deviation miles per gallon. a. Formulate the not the advertising campaign legitimate. b. Compute the test statistic Whatis thep -value associated with the sample results and whati your conclusion? Let a= .05. Briefly discuss. 7. During the first few weeks television season, the evening news audience proportions were recorded ABC 31% CBS 34% ,and FOX 35% sample 600 homes taken recently yielded the following viewing audience data. Number of Homes ABC 150 CBS 200 FOX 250 We want determine whether or not there has been a significant change in the proportion viewing audience three networks State the null and alternative hypotheses to be tested b. Compute the expected frequencies c. Compute the test statistic b2 d. The null hypothesis is t be tested the 05 level of significance Determine the critical value for this test. What do you conclude? e. Determine the p-value and perform the test Briefly discus results 8 In 2002. 40% of the students at: major university were Business majors, 35% were ingineering majon and the rest of the students were majoring in other fields sample 600 students from same university taken in 2003. 200 were Business majors, 220 were Engineering majors, and remaining students sample were majoring other fields Using .05, test see there has been significant change in the proportions between 2002 and 2003. 9. Two hundred fifty managers with degrees business administration indicated their fields concentration shown below. Major Middle TOTAL Management Management 60 125 Marketing 30 20 50 Accounting 25 50 75 TOTAL 120 130 250 Ata: .01 using the 7-value approach, test ti determine the position management is independent the majoro concentration 3 10. sample 150 individuals (males and females) was surveyed and the individuals were asked to indicate their yearly incomes Their incomes were categorized a follows Category $20,000 upto $40,000 Category $40,000 $60,000 Category $60,000 $80,000 The results the survey are below Income Category Male Female Category 30 Category Category 15 45 We want determine if yearly income is independent of gender Compute the test statistic. b. Using value approach test to determine if yearly income independent of gender Use .05. Briefly discuss.

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