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Hamilton County judges try thousands of cases per year In an overwhelming majority of cases disposed the verdict stands as rendered. However, some cases are appealed, and of those appealed, some of the cases are reversed. Kristen Del Guzzi of The Cincinnati Enquirer conducted study of cases handled by Hamilton County judges over three- year period. Shown in the tables on pages 2 and 3 are the results for 214,647 cases handled (disposed) by 42 judges in Common Pleas Court Domestic Relations Court and Municipal Court. Use the data on pages and for this assignment; copy and paste into Excel The purpose of the newspaper' study was to evaluate the performance of the judges. Appeals often are the result of mistakes made by judges and the newspaper wanted to know which judges were doing a good job and which were making too many mistakes. You are called in assist in the data analysis. Use your knowledge of probability and conditional probability thelp with the ranking of the judges. You will also analyze the likelihood of appeal and reversal for cases handled by different courts. Managerial Report: First, include your name asone of the judges in any two of the three courts then add n numbers of total cases disposed. appealed cases and reversed cases for yourself that are within the current range of the data. Prepare report with your rankings of the judges Include an analysis of the likelihood of Appealed cases and cases Reversed in each of the three courts At minimum, your report should include the following five (5) items in your report: 1 The probability of cases being appealed and reversed in the three different courts. 2. The probability of case being appealed for each judge 3. The probability of a case being reversed for each judge 4. The probability of reversal given an appeal for each judge 5. Rank the judges within cach court based on three probabilities above in questions 2, & 4 State the criteria you used to rank the judges. TIP Excel has RANK function =R ANK(number, ref order) Number the number (cell address of what value you wish to rank) whose rank you want to find Ref the range of the list of numbers to be ranked Order specifies how to rank the number; Ois descending (high to low) and is ascending (low to high) Example: =RANK(AI ,A1:A100,1 Rank the value in A1, using list in column A. in ascending order. Your report must contain the following Cover page. page numbers and Times New Roman 11 point font An introduction that summarizes the problem Each case study question should be answered (this means discussed not just numbers) with a complete interpretation of results (see the Rubric in Canvas for this assignment) Include results of calculations and state on which worksheet in Excel the calculations can be found Excel worksheets MUST be appropriately named A conclusion paragraph that addresses your findings and what you have determined (insight) from the data and your analysis 1|Page Common Pleas Court Total Cases Judge Appealed Reversed Disposed Cases Cases Ann Marie Tracey 3141 127 13 Arthur Ney Jr. 3219 125 14 Fred Cartolano 3037 137 12 J Howard Sundermann Jr. 955 60 10 John O'Connor 2969 129 12 Norbert Nadel 2959 131 20 Patrick Dinlacker 1258 44 8 Ralph Winkler 3089 88 6 Richard Nichaus 3373 137 16 Robert Kraft 3138 127 7 Robert Ruchlman 3205 145 19 Thomas Crush 3372 119 10 Thomas Nurre 3000 121 6 Timothy Hogan 1954 60 7 William Mathews 2264 91 18 William Morrissey 3032 121 22 Total 43965 1762 200 Domestic Relations Court Total Cases Appealed Reversed Judge Disposed Cases Cases Deborah Gaines 8799 48 9 Patrick Dinlacker 6001 22 4 Lee Danaher 9920 39 8 Joseph Alizion 10702 42 5 Penelope Cunningham 2729 7 1 Ronald Panioto 12970 32 3 Total 51121 190 30 2|Page Municipal Court Total Cases Judge Appealed Reversed Disposed Cases Cases Albert Mestemaker 4975 28 9 Beth Mattingly 2971 13 1 David Davis 7736 43 5 David Stockdale 5371 22 4 Deidra Hair 2532 5 Dennis Helmick 7973 27 5 Jack Rosen 7790 41 13 James Patrick Kenney 2798 6 1 John West 2797 4 2 Joseph Luebbers 4698 25 8 Karla Grady 5253 6 Leslie Isaiah Gaines 5282 35 13 Mark Painter 2239 7 3 Mark Schweikert 5403 33 6 Melba Marsh 8219 34 7 Quinn Blecker 7994 41 6 Thomas Hostetler 2103 11 2 Mike Allen 6849 43 7 Nadine Allen 8812 34 6 Timothy Black 7954 41 6 Timothy Hogan 2308 13 2 William Mallory 8277 38 9 Total 120334 550 115

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