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DESCRIPTIVE STATISTICS Problem 1 Table A contains observations Si, i - 1. 40, on savings account Table A balances of female head of household families. Enter the data from Observation (i) Table A in one column of your spreadsheet. 1-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 $ 0 $3,080 $1,217 $ 692 A) Use EXCEL functions to compute the following measures of 2,689 1,832 1,615 1,374 location and dispersion. RECORD AND LABEL each of these in 2,424 467 1,957 2,612 your spreadsheet so that they are easy to read. 823 2,584 3,372 348 Mean MAD 1,830 4,980 882 3,691 Population variance Sample CV 3,066 1,857 1,606 3,431 Sample standard deviation Range 178 1,288 2,916 3,466 3,252 1,300 2,178 3,832 B) Use EXCEL to compute the following measures of relative 1,287 3,783 741 position.ยน Record and label. 2,892 3,787 1,867 206 3rd quintile 65th percentile Median (50th percentile) Interquartile range C) Use 6 non-overlapping classes or intervals of egual width. Use the histogram function to obtain a frequency distribution for the Si, including the histogram chart itself. Problem 2 Use combinatorics functions. Record and label answers in your spreadsheet A) How many ways can a committee of 3 be formed from 10 city council members? B) A cest has 5 questions and a list of 8 matching answers. How many ways can a student assign answers from the list to the 5 questions if no answer is to be used more than once?

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