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1. The fire department in large city examining its promotion policy to access if there is the potential for age discrimination lawsuit. A random sample of 248 promotion decisions over the past ! years yields the following information Age at Promotion Decision Promotion Decision Under 30-39 440 49 50or Order Promoted 9 29 34 12 Not promoted 41 39 46 38 a Provide graph of the promotion information b. the promotion decision for the fireman related to the age of the fireman? Use 0.05 significant level. c. What the population to which your conclusion inpart (b)is applicable? Suppose that the analysis of the age discrimination had included only two level: of age as given by the following Table. Age Promotion Decision Promotion Decision 39 or younger 40 or order Promoted 38 46 Not Promoted 80 84 d. the promotion decision for the fireman related tothe age of the fireman? Use 0.05 significant level sthe conclusion concerning age discrimination from part d different from the conclusion from part b. 1 2. The cost of the maintenance of shipping tractors seems to increase with the age of the tractor. The following data were collected and displayed inthe Table Months 619 1049 1033 495 723 681 890 1522 987 1194 163 182 764 1373 978 466 549 Cost ($) Y Age (yr) 4.5 4.5 4.5 4.0 4.0 4.0 5.0 5.0 5.0 5.0 0.5 0.5 6.0 6.0 1.0 1.0 1.0 x a) Determine fa straight line relationshipis sensible (Use -0.05) b) Calculate R² for line regression model from part a c) Find prediction and confidence bands d) Test lack of fittness e) Given age: =6.5 predict the 6months cost. f) Model check by using residuals. 3. pharmaceut ical statistician wished to investigate the effect on the diastolic blood pressure of hyperactive male albino rats under differ ent dosage levels of newly developed sedative. A group of 24 such rats were randomly assigned (6 each) to four dosage levels and the diastolic blood pressures were recorded 15 minutes after treatment. The readings are displayed as Dosage Levels (milligrams) 5 10 15 20 97 91 86 85 91 89 90 88 90 88 89 83 93 90 91 83 91 95 94 86 96 93 84 85 a. there significant difference of blood pressures from four dosage levels? b. You must alsoindude model checking for parta c. Apply multiple comparison test by using Duncan's range test. d. the modeling check failure, suggest an alternative way 2 4. new treatment is developed for controlling aphid infestationin sorghum In order to assess the effectiveness of thetreatment, 100 sorghum plants were treated and 100 sorghum plants were left untreated. The 200 plants were then exposed to aphids and one week later the plants were classified intothree categories of infestation Level of infestation Treatment Leaf Infestation Stem Infestation No Infestation Treated 11 29 60 Control 37 39 24 a. Provide graph to compare the difference in infestations between the treatment and control. b. Dothe levels of infestation differ bet tween the treatment and control plants? c. What are the populations to which the conclusion in part (b) is applicable? d. Place 95% confidence intervals on the probabilities of infestation for both the treatment and control plants.

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