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Statistical Analysis for Educational Research I). researcher interested ir predicting statistics final exam scores from students statistics anxiety scores, average number of minutes study each week and midterm exam scores. The following data were collected fron random sample students: Final Exam: Statistics Anxirly No Scove Séudu Score 1. Using SAS duct the analysis and write the predicted equations (in both standardized unstandardized forms) using all three predictors. Attach your SAS code andoutputs 2 If we establish alpha level of .05 which are statistically and which ofstatistically model? 3. If we establish .01. which are statistically and which 4. State the unstandardized (b) for the variable 5. State the standardized regression coefficient (B) for the variable "Midterm Exam 6. What the effect size (f² associated with the variable "Statistics Anxicty Score" in this equation? Estimate the statistical power ofthe testof significance ftis variable regression weight Attach your SAS code and outputs. 7. Whati the sample value R² obtained from these data? Using an alpha level of 05, this value significantly different from zero (provide statistical evidence from SAS)? State the meaning value. 8. Whatis effect size (f² associated with the R: value obtained from this equation? Estimate statistical power of the test of significance of this R: Attach your SAS code and outputs. 9. If the sample regression equation applied to the entire population of statistics students, what valuco should we expect to observe? 10 Whatis the predicted final examination score for student with statistics anxiety score of 50, who studies an average of 30 minutes each week and whose midterm exam score was 65? 11. If we were using backward model- strategy using an alphalevel of 05, which variable (if any) would be the first be removed from the equation? II). The researcher was interested determining if the energy of college students cou from participation ina training program, attitudes, and gender. The following data were collected from random sample Ostudents: Energy Participation in Consumer Gender Training AttitudeScale Scale (ECS) Program (CAS2) Your assignment: 12. Whatis the dependent variable? Is it a categorical or continuous variable? What are the categorical predictors? Whatis the dummy coding for each categorical predictor? Whati (are) the continuous predictor(s)? 13. Using SAS toconduct the regression analysis for the ollowing question "Predict Energy Conservation Scores (ECS) using Participation in a Training Program a. Attach your SAS code and outputs. b. Based or SASoutputs, write the predicted equation for this analysis dized c. Interpret the intercept and the slope in the equation for the categorical predictor case. 14. Using SAS toconduct the regression analysis for the following question: "Predict Energy Conservation Scores (ECS) using Consumer Attitude Gender. their interaction (Note: interac tion significant, take the interaction predictor out and re-runSAS again). a. Attach all the SAScode(s). and outputs for this analysis. b. Based SAS outputs, write the general predicted equation for the analysis and the specific predicted equation for each group in the analysis (unstandare dized coefficient). c. Interpret th two slopes for consumer attitude and gender. d Draw the diagraph to represent two specific predicted equations

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