Statistical Methods
Please include the appropriate SPSS output (tables, graphs, etc.). You do not need to include the log file or notes. Where reporting findings, use full sentences that reference the research and the relevant variables as well as including appropriate values from the output. Note that you don’t need to put all the output together; you can paste each piece of output near the question it addresses.
When reporting findings, use full sentences that reference the research and the relevant variables as well as including appropriate values from the output. You must report results appropriately to get full credit.
1. How long does it take to burn 200 calories on an exercise machine? Does the type of machine matter? Does the sex of the exerciser matter? Swanson & Caldwell addressed this question in a 2001 study published in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise. The table below shows the mean amount of time necessary to burn 200 calories in each condition. Assuming a relatively large sample, which of the following do you think is significant: Main effect of machine, main effect of sex, interaction? [Hint: It may be helpful to draw some type of graphic – though it’s not strictly necessary]

Mean number of minutes to Burn 200 Calories
                              Men    Women
Treadmill                12            17
Rowing machine    14            16

Willow was concerned that her boyfriend might be a werewolf. To test this theory, each morning for the 3 days surrounding the full moon & the three days farthest from the full moon, she looked at her boyfriend, who had not yet shaved, and counted the number of beard hairs she could see, and tracked this carefully. She thought that season might affect hair growth, so she also kept track of the season. The data are available in the file Lycanthrope.sav, so you can run an ANOVA to predict beard growth from season and moon cycle.

2. Create a box-plot for the entire sample, and a clustered box-plot splitting the sample however make sense to you. Is there anything about the box-plots that concerns you? Why or why not?

3. Run a factorial ANOVA on the data. Report means for the entire sample, breaking it down by group and also by cell. You don’t need full sentences for this, just provide the output so you can refer to it later, and create a table with the means in this format:

                              Winter    Spring    Summer    Fall    Total
During full moon
Far from full moon

4. Check the residual charts. Are there any patterns that concern you?
5. Is it appropriate to assume equal variances for the groups? Why or why not?
6. Report the main effects of moon cycle and season. Report the main effect as well as means for each level (with confidence intervals).
7. Is there a significant interaction effect?
8. Report the means (with appropriate confidence intervals) for different parts of the moon cycle, controlling for the season and the interaction. Should Willow be concerned?
9. Run post-hoc comparisons for the four seasons, controlling for the moon cycle and the interaction. Remember to control for the number of tests you’re doing, and report the results.

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