Select a categorical data with at least 3 factors. Use any technique that we have covered in the course to analyze your data. Prepare a three-page report explaining your analyses and results. Please include a brief explanation of the data along with your results and conclusions. You may consider the following points in your analysis:

• Describing your data and reporting source of the data.
• Explaining why it is a categorical data and why it is important to analyze it.
• Examining different models which could fit to your data.
• Using a model selection criterion to select the best model among the models that were fitting to your data.
• Explaining the meaning of your selected model in the context of the data.
• Summarizing your findings from the analysis.
• Explaining your final conclusion and discussing the results.

Your report may include the following sections:

• Introduction: Statement of the problem.
• Material and Methods: Description of your data and the methods you have used for the analysis.
• Results: Explanation of the results of your analyses. You can cut and paste some of your computer outputs and refer to them in explaining your results.
• Conclusion and Discussion: Highlighting the main points and discussing.

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1. Describing your data and reporting source of the data.
The data set name is “Coronary Artery Disease: ECG vs. Gender”, this dataset has 78 observations and 3 variables. There is no missing value in the data set. The variables names and categories are defined as:
Variable 1
Gender: (1) Male, (2) Female

Variable 2
ECG: (1) <0.1, (2) >=0.1

Variable 3
disease: (1) Yes, (2) No...

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