A researcher is interested in determining which genetic markers influence a particular phenotype. The phenotype of interest is impulsivity in rats which is measured by the number of presses the rat will make in a one minute period. These rats have been trained to press a lever that will cause them to receive a reward. They have been trained to keep pressing until a reward is given. Those who are more impulsive with press the bar more frequently than those who are less impulsive. The researcher did a genetic panel on the rats and narrowed the genome down to 26 loci that may be of interest (QTL). Using the data in Impulse1.csv complete the following:
(a) Perform a forward selection procedure to identify QTL that may influence impulsivity. Be sure to comment on which variables are significant and rank the QTLs on their impact.
(b) Perform a LASSO procedure to identify the QTL that may influence Impulsivity. Be sure to comment on which variables are significant and rank the QTLs on their impact.

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