Use MS Word to create a three-page report regarding several relatively new topics. Your discussion should be about the following topics:

Big Data,
Data Mining,
Predictive Analytics,
Business Analytics.

During the last twenty years, we have seen an enormous increase in the number of Internet users worldwide. This increase has provided tremendous opportunities for different businesses around the world to capitalize on the “unlimited” resources available such as "Big Data". Discuss what is "Big Data"? Provide a few examples of using "Big Data" in business. Furthermore, these days many businesses are using another new concept that is known as "Data Mining”. Discuss it in detail. In addition, provide a few examples of how “Data Mining” is used in business. Also, these days in many situations we use “Predictive Analytics”. What is “Predictive Analytics”? Provide a few examples of how Predictive Analytics is used in business. Finally, discuss in detail what is Business Analytics? Provide a few examples of using Business Analytics.

Your report must be original. It must be at least three pages. If you are using different web sources, you need to rephrase the discussion.

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What is "Big Data"?
When we say “Big data” it is self evident that we are talking about the data which is big i.e. large volume data. In big data we can have hundred number of the variables and thousand or lakhs of the rows. From where does the big data come, we know that data is everywhere and big data can be obtained from many platforms and one of such platform is “Twitter”, if a person tweets the variables such as time of tweeting, subject of tweet, number of followers, number of people responding, and so on can be collected and here we are talking about one person only and we can assume how many people data can be collected for one day just from Twitter. Sometimes big data is formed using different sources. Since the data so collected or stored at global level is so enormous that it becomes inconceivable....

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