This project is designed to show your understanding and application of the concepts covered within this course.


Identify a dataset to produce a linear model which includes one response variable with three possible regressors.

You must provide an explanation of the possible relationship between the variables and the relevance of this relationship.

Provide a reference to your data source and a short description of their original collection method.

Conduct at least three detailed linear regression analyses, using statistical software (R or Minitab) in order to determine the most appropriate linear model for the data.

This requires you to evaluate each model, including testing the assumptions and a discussion of the results for each model.

Provide a conclusion on the most appropriate model for your situation.


You can use any data source, but you must correctly cite the origin of the data.

If it is original experimental data (unpublished) then please provide a detailed summary of the collection methods used.

The dataset should contain a minimum of 20 observations and 4 variables.

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