We've looked at the long, sometimes tumultuous, creative process of making a movie from the initial idea to a finished film in theaters. Now it's time to show me what you learned. Summarize the entire process from beginning to end in details. This is all about the process, not an actual movie, so please do not take up space telling me about your movie idea and how to make it. It's not that kind of essay. Think about all the things that must be done.
For example (in no particular order), Where do ideas come from? Who gets hired as a crew? Who/what are the key crew members and departments? What about budgeting the film, scouting locations, obtaining financing, types of marketing, bank accounts, writing the script, production office, adding music to the film, marketing, post-production issues, location shooting, etc.
These are just a few suggestions to get you started. You may think of others I haven't mentioned. Talk about the process in order (as appropriate, of course, knowing some things happen simultaneously or over a period of time). Some things may only take a few sentences, others may require a paragraph or more. It's a lot of information, but be economical. In short, show us that you know the basics of the overall process of making a film.

Using the "9 Hot Buttons" of violence from the Valenti book as a framework, evaluate with specific explanation a film of your choice. Be sure to account for ALL of the buttons, not just one or a few! Make sure you clearly identify the names of the buttons within the essay (I would suggest summarizing the buttons in your opening, then analyzing them in order of the text). Make sure it is a written essay not a "bullet point list" of the buttons. You MUST properly cite the film you analyze.

You can search 9 hot buttons from internet. These are
- Choice of perpetrator
- Choice of victim
- Presence of consequences
- Rewards and punishments
- The reason for the violence
- The presence of weapons
- Realism
- Use of humor
- Prolonged exposure

What, in brief, is the role of the filmmaker as an artist in society?

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1. The filming process

The filming process consists of 4 main stages which include planning, making, editing and promoting (Tomlinson Holman, 2005). The first stage is the stage of planning the film. This begins with an idea and a person with a vision. Then comes the story and script writing where in the framework, topic and concept and the right kind of an understanding of the movie is formed. There are several people involved in the planning process including script writers, directors, financers and even actors sometimes. The producers look at the commercial aspects of the success of the movie and then consider if they should invest in the project or not. The script is formed with dialogues and description of details for each of the scenes. The directors, cast crew and other members then visualize as to which of the actors would be suitable for each of the roles, what kind of sets are to be formed, what locations can be chosen and what costumes would be required. After that the budgets, timeline of the movie project and several such operational plans are formed. In this way film making is quite similar to management of any other project planning process except that high levels of   creativity and visualization is required (John Purcell, 2007)....
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