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• Write a reaction paper in response to your reaction to the movie “Crash.”
• You may choose to reflect on the entire film, a particular scene, an interaction between characters, or you may choose to focus on one particular character; the choice is yours. In addition, comment on what it was like to watch the film with the diverse group of students that make up the class. Also, choose any communication concept discussed in class and show how it was demonstrated in the film.
• Do not use the assignment as an opportunity to repeat what happened in the film. Instead, focus on your reaction to the film, scene, character interaction, etc. What were your thoughts and feelings?
• Two full pages.
• Include an APA formatted cover page (the cover page will not count as one of the 3 pages).
• Paper should be double spaced with a 12-point font.

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While watching Crash, I thought the most interesting scene in the movie was the crash scene itself, especially the interactions between Matt Dillon, who played Ryan, the cop, and Thandie Newton, who played Caroline, the crash victim. When watching the movie with my classmates, this scene brought everyone to attention because Ryan showed racist tendencies earlier in the movie. During the crash scene, we see that humanity wins out over personal prejudices as Ryan casts his beliefs aside to save Caroline’s life....

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