Write an analysis on the film Memento by Chris Nolan on the film technique: non-linear narration. Connect the plot order and use of scenes to Lenny (main characters) state of mind.
-You can discuss how the pattern is tied to the color sequences and the black and white sequences.
-How does the alternation of the black and white scenes with color scenes are in pattern with the Lenny's state of mind.
-You can argue that the non-linear narration has an impact.
-You can use the "Film Art" by BordWell and Thompson chapters three and eight as reference for the film technique narration
Please make sure you follow one technique as a pattern throughout the entire film.

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An exercise in nonlinear film narrative
According to David Bordwell and Kristen Thompson’s text Film Art, “reconstructing story order from the plot might be seen as sort of a game [for the viewer]”(76). This is indeed true in Christopher Nolan’s film Memento (2000), a film known for it’s nonlinear story structure that clearly illustrates the impaired memory of its central character, Leonard (played by Guy Pearce). In Memento, the filmmaker uses a variety of techniques to help the viewer make gradual sense of the nontraditional storytelling, while keeping the suspense high and the predictability low....

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