MOVIE: Rosewood

Films have become an increasingly important source in understanding history and politics. For this reason, the suggestions provided below will assist you in writing a film review.

1. Determine whether the film is a documentary or a feature film. Who is the intended audience, and for what reason was the film made? Is the film realistic? Define the key concepts.
2. If the film is a documentary, note the academic credentials of the experts who provide the commentary. If it is a feature film, determine whether the filmmaker made use of professional scholars as consultants. What are the historical or political points of the film?
3. Discuss the key political issues in the film. Analyze the cinematic techniques that are used to convey the story. Consider whether the visual images presented in the film enhance our understanding of the issue(s) and the period, and whether the costumes and sets accurately portray the history or politics of the period.
4. What elements, regarding the issues, transfer effectively to film? Are there any themes or concepts portrayed more effectively in the film than in the text? Furthermore, are there elements of the source that are eliminated or distorted in the film?
5. Analyze the interests and concerns of the producer, director, screenwriter, and viewer.

Note any other films they have produced, directed, or written that might help the reader understand their interest and biases. You can also provide your opinion about the film, and conclusions.

6. Compare the film, if possible, with other films, books, and articles on the same subject. To write an effective essay, students must allow themselves time to revise their papers. Although some students take pride in their ability to write a passable paper the day before it is due, the resulting work is never of the highest caliber, and usually bears the hallmarks of careless writing: sloppy mistakes in reasoning, awkward constructions, poor word choice, lack of clear organization, and, of course, spelling and grammar mistakes.

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This material may consist of step-by-step explanations on how to solve a problem or examples of proper writing, including the use of citations, references, bibliographies, and formatting. This material is made available for the sole purpose of studying and learning - misuse is strictly forbidden.

Rosewood movie review
Rosewood is an American historical drama movie produced in 1997. The film takes a feature form, which means that the resource is a full-length film that is not only constituted of a story but also performed by professional actors. This type of film, as well, is often shown in a cinema. Rosewood is a recount of attitudes and events that gave rise to an episode in which whites rioted against the blacks in 1923 in Rosewood, Florida (Singleton, 1997). The movie’s core message, which then serves as the motive of the work, is that racism is bred and fed, besides being taught to the son by the father. Policymakers might be more interested in the film because the resource provides crucial insights into...

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