For this assignment, you will be writing an original in-depth formal analysis of a key scene or pair of scenes in a film, related to one of two areas studied in class – performance or visual design. In doing this, you will show your mastery of the class material and your ability to apply the concepts to a film outside of the class. This is a textual analysis essay, so you will be relying on your own ideas about the film rather than outside research.
You will be studying and making a claim about one performance of Sandra Oh in Double Happiness (1995).
Some issues you might consider in forming your argument and examples (not a complete list):
How does the actor\'s performance present the film\'s theme(s)? How are the various properties of the actor (voice, body, personality, etc.) significant, and how does he/she use them? How are dialogue, action, and character altered by the performance? Is the performance in this scene exemplary of the overall performance, or is it radically different? If it is different, how and why?
What is the actor\'s style (Method, representational, etc.) and type (non-professional, actor, or star)?
How would the course’s critical criteria for evaluating a performance be applied here? What talent does the actor have (display)? Is the actor\'s performance placed "up front," or does the director frequently cut away from it? How does the actor’s mythology, both on and off the screen, influence your reading of the part? Is the actor subverting or embracing his or her persona? Is the actor "right" for this part?

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Most film enthusiasts often determine the appeal created by a movie by looking at the storyline or a plot. However, there is more to this. Form and style are the most fulfilling measures of the effectiveness of a film. In broad terms, the performance consists of visual elements and sound (Bordwell, Thompson, & Smith, 2017). The visual element of concerns are gestures, appearance, and facial expressions, while voice, words, intonation, volume, silence, and effects represent the sound part (Bordwell, Thompson, & Smith, 2017, and Hack, n.d.). The performance that an actor often creates is deemed a part of the overall mise-en-scene. This paper analyzes performance and its contribution to the development of the film Sandra Oh – Double Happiness (1995). The film follows the story of an actress (Jade Li) who is struggling to assert her autonomy from the expectations of her set forth by her family, a Chinese-Canadian unit. This paper will, however, focus on a single scene of the film (the scene in the park). This scene begins at the point where Mark and Jade are in the park swinging and ends where Jade leaves with the Camera showing a background with a bush, a sea, buildings, and a mountain range. In this scene, Jade and Mark’s performance plays a fundamental...

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