Please write an analysis of “All Quiet on the Western Front”- explore important themes in the novel and also contrast and compare how these themes were depicted in the novel and the film. Please, develop your ideas by using specific examples from the text/film. Every director whose movie is based on a literary work has to make some difficult choices as to what he/she will show on the screen and what has to be cut. Select some scenes in the movie and discuss what artistic choices the director made to adapt the book within the limits of a 2 hour film? How are the film scenes different from the book? Do these scenes still do justice to the book or not? (minimum 4 pages plus bibliography)

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The Film All is quiet on the western front is an adaptation of the book by the same title written by Erick Maria Remarque and was among the first films made after the end of the silent film. Created against the backdrop of the period when Europe was engulfed in nationalism based wars of domination, the film adversely covers the experiences of a world in turmoil and brings to light how war destroys the community as well as individual persons. The overarching message in the film concerned the futility of war and was deemed by the Nazi regime to be based on propaganda and being anti-militaristic at a period when the governments desired publications and literature that supported the war efforts.
All is quiet on the western front was filmed only a few years after the end of the first world war, and the experiences of the war were still fresh on the minds of the intended viewers. With the basis of the war is the military, political and economic domination, the film adopted a different narrative that the financial success was not the defining factor that should influence humanity which put its message on a collision course with people that had only emerged from...

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