Theory - Maya Deren: The Vertical and The Horizontal

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The assignment will be to attempt to make a moving image work that follows one of these theories, with a short explication of your intent, or a 2,500 word film theoretical essay that uses one or more of these theories to discuss a moving image artwork/film.   You can work with or against a theory, but you need to make it clear in writing what you are dealing with, if you make a film. If you decide not to make a film and write an essay instead, you can look at the relationship between a theorist and his or her films. This essay should be 2,500 words with illustrations, if appropriate.

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Film theoretical essay

The selected film is Ritual in Transfigured Time. The movie is a 1946 American film directed by Maya Deren. The film opens up with Deren sitting in the room while spinning layers of yarn. Another character (character 1) sets into the room and starts wrapping up the reel from Deren’s hands. Deren depicts intense feelings as she reels. On the door is yet another character that looks on, putting what seems as a scornful face. The movie then introduces a scene reflecting a room with many people interacting through expressive movements, manifest of a dance. Character 1 enters the room and makes graceful, evasive movements to avoid people who are making concerted efforts to reach her. She spots a male character (character 2) at the back of the room and the two tango. As other women flock him, character 1 breaks away. She walks among statutes and granite structures in a seemingly confused way. She encounters Character 1 atop a pedestal posing as a statue. Character 1 approaches him, and as the latter moves, she backs away. Character 2 pursues character one across the field in slow, long, hopping strides. Meanwhile, Deren runs into the ocean underneath a pier and then wades further into the water. Ultimately, the movie shows a female character sinking down into the water, albeit in a negative image. The film ends with character one lifting a bride’s lobe over her head. This paper will analyze the context of this movie, illustrating how Deren works with or against her theories.

The depiction of Deren’s vertical v. horizontal theory
One of the theories that Deren is largely known for is vertical v. horizontal concept. Deren’s notion of vertical implies an investigation of a situation by probing the ramifications of the moment. The chief concern of vertical investigation is qualities and depth (Maas, 1963). In addition, it is relevant to note that the vertical investigation stops or interrupts the linear flow of time. If this is the case, then a vertical film often interrupts the linear perception of progress creating a room for reflection, contemplation and celebration (Maas, 1963). The horizontal investigation, as Deren seems to account, is concerned more with development, for example, from feeling to feeling....

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