View & quote the "Dangerous Knowledge" documentary.

Write a double-spaced, 1100-word review paper emphasizing how mathematics and mathematicians are considered in a made for TV documentary.
Don't write a report on the plot, write the paper as if you are discussing the documentary with someone who also had seen it.

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The perception on mathematics and mathematicians

A vast dearth in knowledge about the role of mathematics and mathematicians in the modern day world prevails. Recognizing this gap, the made-for-TV documentary “Dangerous Knowledge” makes a concerted effort to address the loophole. While this is the case, the resource exhibits the aversive side of mathematics and mathematicians. Drawing from the documentary, whenever mathematics preoccupy the mathematician's mind, it will lead to a solution to a pertinent problem, but the chances of the expert losing their mind, hence ruining their lives, is notably higher.
Certainly, problem-solving is an invaluable skill. Each person faces problems, whether in life or work. Nevertheless, the process of problem-solving forth takes a systematic approach. The first step is identifying the problem in which a person prepares, collects data, and establishes risks and challenges. The second phase is tackling or attacking the problem, which involves the application of eh existing tools and techniques to derive a novel method. This step requires one to exercise vigor and consciousness. The third step,...

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