Phenology Trail: Who Knows Your Neighborhood Better Than You? (620 words)

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Most community members of Rincon Heights in Tucson have no knowledge of the 75 mile long Phenology Trail, which runs through their neighborhood. In fact, most could not tell you what Phenology, means:
“The study of how the biological world times natural events,” according to the World Wildlife Foundation
The Rincon Heights neighborhood draws a lot of attention for its historic architecture and controversy over the demolition of historic structures. Most in the community undoubtedly don’t know this or understand what Phenology is or why they’re neighborhood plays an important role on the trail. Certain plants are tagged and individuals are asked to make observations, so the entire concept is interactive. For example: “When and where do monarch and queen butterflies use milkweed in Tucson?”
This is a great human interest story that includes science that readers will enjoy. It’s also a great way to encourage other organizations, schools and communities to participate and get involved. Visit with the members of the Phenology Network, as well as visit some of the tagged sites in the Rincon Heights neighborhood. Interview local community members to find out the level of awareness of the project.
1) Jake Weltzin, Executive Director, USA National Phenology Network
2) Theresa Crimmins, Partnership & Outreach Director, USA National Phenology Network
3) Colby Henley, President, Rincon Heights Neighborhood Association,
4) Stacey Plassmann, Campus Community Relations Committee Representative, Rincon Heights Association
5) Community members suggested by the Rincon Heights Neighborhood Association.

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The folks at the USA National Phenology Network, who devised Tucson's 75-mile-long Phenology Trail in conjunction with the University of Arizona, believe that noone does. "It connects community members to scientific research and provides opportunities for them to meet with scientists and engage in meaningful, valuable research through Nature's Notebook, our citizen and professional science program," according to LoriAnne Barnett of the USA National Phenology Network. Phenology is the study of how climate, seasons, and other factors affect the life cycle of plants and animals.
The University has created points-of-interest along the trail...
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