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Reliable News vs. Misinformation
In order to be well-informed news consumers in the digital age, it’s not enough to be able to spot fake news. It’s also necessary to recognize reliable news that you can act on, and share, with confidence. With this in mind, take the following steps to complete your final project:

1. Think of a story that interests you. It can relate to politics, what’s happening in your hometown, public health, entertainment, sports—anything you like: Clark, A. (2015). Qatar should not be allowed to host the World Cup in 2022. The Daly Utah Chronicles.
2. Find a reliable news report on your chosen story. It can be from any medium (text, video, or audio) and any credible news outlet. Also find misleading information on that same story, such as satire, fake news, and propaganda.
3. Describe, step by step, using News Literacy concepts, how you were able to distinguish the reliable news report from the example of misinformation. Define the key News Literacy terms you’ve used, develop your points fully, and clearly explain to your audience why you would share the reliable report with them but stop the unreliable information in its tracks.
4. Imagine you’re describing the verification process that enabled you to tell reliable news apart from misinformation to another Stony Brook student, but one who has not taken News Literacy.
5. Be sure to cite your sources and provide links to the sites you rely on.

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For a long period now, the status of Qatar as the host of the next World Cup tournament has attracted the interest of the news media with the focal point being on allegations of death among the workers preparing stadiums. While some of the news reports about the issue are credible, others are vastly misleading. A good example of a credible story is that by Liam Prenderville titled “World Cup 2022 Qatar death statistics of workers revealed by trade union leader,” which appeared in the sports news section of The Mirror UK. However, video news report “FIFA 2022 to feature dying construction workers” posted by NRK Humor published on YouTube typifies a misleading media coverage. This paper will provide a systematic approach that I have used to distinguish the reliable news report from the misleading one.
The first thing I did was to evaluate whether a news report is actionable. An...
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