Read the entire BuzzFeed News report below. As you do, think about the deconstruction process you learned about in class. You will find deconstruction questions at the end of the news report. Once you’ve read the story through once, read it again with the questions in mind and begin to address them.
When you are done, submit only your answers. Delete the other pages.

Shoot Someone In A Major US City, And Odds Are You’ll Get Away With It
By Sarah Ryley and Jeremy Singer-Vine and Sean Campbell
1. Is the headline appropriate to this story? Why or why not? Which paragraph best functions as the story’s lede (lead), summing up what the story is about? Explain.
2. Are the reporters transparent? Explain. If you determine that they are transparent, identify and discuss two examples of transparency in the report.
3. Highlight two examples of context in the report. Why is this context important to the story?
4. Evaluate the evidence in the report. Did the reporters collect any direct evidence? If so, identify the direct evidence and explain what makes it direct. Would you conclude, based on the evidence, that the reporters “opened the freezer”?
5. Evaluate each of the sources described below, using their first name, last name and any official title; and the (IMVAIN) vocabulary you learned in the Evaluating Sources lecture. Explaining why you applied each term. Example: “Jane Smith is somewhat reliable because she is Independent from the police, Singular in that she’s the only one saying it, Asserts that the police are crooked without providing evidence, somewhat Informed in that many of the men in her immediate family are police, and she is quoted by Name.”
a. Ed Siska, a major assaults lieutenant at the Houston Police Department
b. Byron Conway, head of the Baltimore’s Criminal Investigation Division
c. Janice Moses, mother of shooting victim Devon Little
d. Katherine Hoops, a critical care pediatrician at Johns Hopkins Medicine in Baltimore
e. Erin Masters, Baltimore police detective
6. Did you find this news report reliable? If not, explain and give reasons why not. If you did, explain why, give reasons and say what you can conclude from the report.

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Indeed, the headline of the news article is appropriate. The story is primarily about how perpetrators of gun violence go scot-free because of the inability of the law enforcement officers to solve such crimes. Therefore, the title is a sum up of the entire context of the story. Albeit short, paragraph one of the story serves as the lead. The section identifies that a shocking number of shootings in the U.S. often go unresolved. To worsen the matter, some police departments do not investigate the crimes at all. This information, according to Ryle, Singer-Vine, and Campbell (2019) resulted from a yearlong inquiry by BuzzFeed News team and The Trace. This paragraph is indeed the lead considering that it captures every facet of the story.
The authors are entirely transparent. Primarily, transparency refers to the openness in the...
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