Assignment criteria / format
Produce a 2,000-word ethnographic analysis based on non-participant observation of an online community in connection with a given brand. For example, the analysis may be based on the online activity of the members of a group in connection with the brand on a social media website. The analysis should be 2,000 words in length and should focus on such aspects as the discourse(s) being created around the particular brand, the language that members use to communicate online and their online
conduct, and the overall habitat where the online interaction is taking place. The analysis must be informed by relevant theory, while the contribution of the ethnographic approach as a valid research method must be critically discussed and evaluated.
-Roots of Netnography
-Netnography today with example (how researchers use netnography to study people in social media such us twitter, Facebook or instagram)
-difference between ethnography and netnography with example
-Thesis statement (this paper will produce a netnographic analysis based on nonparticipant observation of an online community in connection with a given brand.
Focusing on the online activity of the members of a group in connection with the brand on a social media website. Linked by relevant theory, and criticizing some of the points)
-Introduction of the word “Selfie”
-roots and how it developed
-the first 'selfie song'
-selfie in the social media (instagram)
-Nenographic analysis on an online community on Instagram looking at how people take ‘selfies' in different countries. (can use hashtags)
-gathering data and findings
-relevant theory
-criticize some of the points
-conclude the above.

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Not long after its first arrival on the internet, people have been noticing the power and influence of social media. Social media has become so popular and such a common part of everyday life, that companies and manufacturers have started using social media to communicate with their customers, win new customers, and encourage brand loyalty. How effective are these social media marketing campaigns? Are they really effective in reaching and influencing consumers? One company, Dove, recently created a campaign which was carefully designed to target certain consumers, the #LoveYorCurls campaign; how successful was it in achieving it’s goals?
According to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, the first recorded use of the term “social media” was found in 2004. The term “social media” is defined as....

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