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Watch the video “Where will we find tomorrow’s leaders?” with Linda Hill.

Respond to the following questions:
- Do you agree there is a shortage of leadership? What evidence/anecdotes do you have to support your answer?

- Does a “leadership shortage” concern you as you enter the job market?

- What is “leading from behind” and how does it represent a solution to the predicted leadership shortage?

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Where Will We Find Tomorrow’s Leaders?
There is definitely a shortage of leaders as the Baby Boom generation retires and the new generation is not fully equipped to fill all the holes. In addition, as the world economy globalizes, emerging markets are entering the forefront as business opportunities (Hill, 2008). Many of these emerging markets are also facing leadership shortages because the countries they are located in are not able to groom the leaders effectively. Therefore, skilled American businessmen and women are being stretched to the limit. Local talent needs to replace expatriate talent in new markets to ensure that businessmen in developed countries are able to fulfill their responsibilities....

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