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The internet has changed the way in which information can be collected, stored and distributed:
The changes in the professional media landscape as the result of the internet and looked at the ability for new voices to be heard.
If you're like most college students, one of those voices is yours.
But participation in the online world may come at a cost.
Changes that the world of social media have meant changes for the definition of privacy.
We all leave digital fingerprints online - on our Facebook and Twitter pages, in the trail of cookies on your Web browser, and in countless other ways that we may not think about immediately.
Where are your digital fingerprints?
For the session's journal, we'd like you to consider how much information about yourself you post online.
Where do you post it?
What do others post about you?
Has your expectation of privacy changed?
Do you have a different expectation of privacy than your parents do? (If you're a non-traditional student, maybe your expectation is different from that of your kids).
You must incorporate material from the course in your comments.
Refer to elements that you've watched, read or listened to in this session and in the previous sessions.

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Where are your digital fingerprints?
Like many other students, I have fingerprints in digital world. The first information I ever left on the Internet regards the opening of my first e-mail address. After that, everything seems to come spontaneously, and until recently, I didn’t think about that someone could possibly use my personal information in negative sense. But, I try hard to leave as little information about myself as it is possible....

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