Book: Global Public Relations - Spanning Borders, Spanning Cultures
Read the chapter: The state of the public relations profession
1. Do you agree that we are living in a “global village”? Support your answer with an example. How does living in a “global village” affect public relations practice?
2. It has been emphasized that public relations began in the US. Do you believe that the US is the leader in public relations? Explain your answer.
3. How do different development stages of public relations across the globe affect practice? How does one practicing public relations account for these differences?

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1. It is true as the chapter notes that we currently live in a global village. The world has increasingly been flattened and connected through different ways. The chapter descries a global village as “interconnected, cross-cultural, increasingly boundary-less society” (p. 88). This is greatly supported by the factors of globalization, internationalization, and technology. For instance, through globalization, the boundaries and restriction of movement have been greatly reduced. People can now move and live or work in other regions without too much restriction and there is a global...

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