You should watch the movie Good Morning Vietnam, starring Robin Williams. It is the story of a young, unconventional disc jockey who is assigned to a newscast/entertainment position at a military base during the Vietnam War in the 1970s. It is available on Comcast, and you can rent it on Amazon and view as a prime video. Normally, I would have shown it to you in class. Your essay should be similar to your first and seconds essays, where overall you did very well.   I have attached a one-page description of Good Morning Vietnam, in addition to the Media Effects attachment.

Good Morning Vietnam, like many comedies, offers intelligent insights into the “real world.” As you will see, Robin Williams' character (Adrien Cronauer) uses humor to point out the startling contradictions that the U.S. Army radio station usually ignores: up until his show, the military radio station promoted a rosy, pro-military theme rather than the reality/truth that was going on.

Write about how the characters and storyline in this movie relates to the Media Effects attachment included in this request. Also, analyze how it fits the Agenda Theory. Discuss how Williams' comedy and humor uplifts the morale of his fellow soldiers, and the positive role it plays. How does he use humor to reveal truth. Also, discuss how the Army   itself tries to suppress a point-of-view that it considers dangerous. In short, how does the medium of radio not only point out truth, but simultaneously lifts the spirits of the soldiers. Also, address the personal and professional consequences the character suffers as a result of his style of comedy.

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Good Morning, Vietnam
The storyline of the film “Good Morning, Vietnam” involves media communication and agenda setting per media effects. There is a lot of media censorship during the reign of Adrian, the DJ in one of the private Armed Forces media communication center. The media controls the airwaves, and the listeners have to think and criticize what the press is telling them but not what the listeners want to hear and feel (McCombs, Shaw & Weaver, 2014). For instance, Adrian’s attitude, which is an attribute of media effect, does not rhyme with that of his co-workers except Garlick, who introduced him to the media industry.

Attitude object is a media effect in which the media presenters have control over the information received by the public, thus influencing their perception of reality. Attitude object reinforces the postulation of the agenda-setting theory...

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