Bring in typed, double-space, and 12 font the first two paragraphs of your disaster plan. The introductory paragraph is required with a thesis and at least 3-prongs or discussion points in the thesis. In lieu of the second paragraph, you may substitute a flow chart or list of team members and contacts.

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Fire Crisis Management Plan for the University
Natural disasters are often difficult to predict (United Nations, 2009). Therefore, it is paramount that all institutions have crisis management plans to ensure swift recovery and continuation of operations. This paper will document a fire disaster management plan for the University, which is in New York City. The institution is built on approximately 230 acres of land and has an extensive network of structures. Part of the network is two messes where students at the school take their meals. These messes are likely causing a fire disaster at the university, given the activities that take place at the facilities, mainly cooking. For the University to address fire, the school should have a crisis management plan that focuses on the team involved, the mandate of the respective members, information about evacuation, and approaches for communicating with the varied responders.
The fire crisis management team
Jermain Jones is the...

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