Select a media text: SONG - Jesus Walks

Write a four- to six-page double-spaced (1,000 – 1,500 word) critical analysis of your selected media text that utilizes any one or a combination of the theoretical perspectives explored in class (Marxist, organizational, pragmatic, rhetorical, cultural, psychoanalytic, feminist, queer, reception, sociological, erotic, or ecological analysis). It is better to choose from a small number of theoretical ideas that you explore in depth rather than taking a cursory or surface approach.

You can combine theoretical perspectives (e.g. Marxist & feminist analysis, queer and cultural analysis, etc.)

There are two key aspects to doing well on the essay:
1. Show you can apply specific media studies theories/concepts. Citing/quoting from the textbook is a good idea to show that you're doing that. Papers that do not cite specifics from the textbook will not score well.
2. In-depth analysis with close examination of media examples scores better than broadly written papers.

Let these two aspects be your guide in what you choose and how much you choose to analyze. At a minimum, your essay should include:

1. A one-paragraph introduction in which you: a. introduce your media text;
b. comment upon its significance as an object of study
c. formulate a clear and concise thesis statement that identifies what your selected mass mediated text is doing, how it is doing it, and why it matters – “So what?”

2. A thoughtful and detailed analysis of your text using relevant principles discussed in class. The goal of this section is to combine theory and astute critical observations effectively. This is the body of your paper and should constitute the largest portion. Papers that do not cite specifics from the textbook will not score well.

3. A critical conclusion in which you briefly reflect on the implications of your analysis. This might include speculating about the role your text plays in political affairs, processes of socialization, or contemporary culture generally.

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Jesus Walks Critical Analysis

Mass media has transformed the world in different ways. However, it is not always clear how different media influence society. Through different theoretical approaches, society can understand mass media from different theoretical aspects. All the different mass media have underlying means hidden within. The following paper aims at critically analyzing the song “Jesus Walks” by Kanye West. The song is a religious realization that the singer acknowledges that he requires Jesus in his life. As a rap artist, the song was unique since it focused on a religious message rather than the normal rap themes that involve crime, violence, or sex (West, 2004). The song talks about the struggles West faced in his career and growing up. The singer recognizes the different challenges all humans face in the modern world such as racism and terrorism. The song also reveals that despite these challenges, the biggest challenge to all humans is doing what is right or following one’s morality (West, 2004). Therefore, it is a battle with ourselves to do the right thing. Moreover, the song also criticizes the media producers or recording companies that discourage religious or spiritual messages in rap songs. The song also talks about West’s...

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