Project Proposal Assignment Brief
Title: Alternate the title, more specific to your question, a word ‘hypnosis’ have to be added as you talk about it.
Can you hypnotize pain? Hypnosis a method to alleviate Dental Anxiety, Fear and Phobia in Endodontic Treatment.
Abstract: In approximately 200 words, give a brief background of the area, a summary of the proposed work and the objective(s).
Introduction: Give a review of the literature using primary sources (e.g. peer-reviewed journals), state the aims of the proposed research, rationalise why it is being undertaken, why it is important, and briefly discuss potential outcomes and implications of the project.
Project Timeline,
Outcomes/ Impact

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Endodontic treatment is a commonly used dental procedure that involves using various instruments that some patients may find frightening. Sounds, smells, and sights associated with visits to dental offices can also contribute to patients perceiving these interventions as threatening, uncomfortable, and confusing. Some of the most common reaction to endodontic procedures involve dental anxiety, fear, and phobia. These feeling may often encourage patients not to maintain proper oral hygiene and adhere to prescribed therapy plans and check-up which can increase the risk of oral disease. There are several treatment options available for people with dental anxiety and fear including psychological approaches, pain management procedures, regular check-up and early diagnosis, prophylactic use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication therapy, and different operative techniques. The literature has reported that using hypnosis in treating dental phobia can be an effective way to reduce pain and anxiety because it can shift attention from features of dental intervention that some patients find disgusting and threatening. The aim of this study is to review available literature in detail about the effectiveness of using hypnosis as a method to alleviate dental anxiety, fear, and phobia before endodontic treatment. This meta-analysis is based on peer-reviewed articles published in the last five years to determine the effectiveness of using hypnosis in dental anxiety, fear and phobia management. The results suggest that hypnosis can be used successfully as an additional procedure to prepare patients for endodontic treatment. However, studies show that hypnosis cannot be applied with all patients so other methods should also be considered. In conclusion, hypnosis can be considered...

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