Write a critical review of the following article addressing the following information:

• List your article in the format of an APA-style reference
• Provide a summary of the article
• Describe the methods used to collect and analyze data
• What were the findings / conclusions of the study?
• What are your own conclusions of the article? Provide a thorough critical review of your article addressing the following: ◦What do you consider to be the strengths and weaknesses of the methods used to collect and analyze the data?
◦ What is your impression of the findings / conclusion?
◦ What do you feel is missing from the article?
◦ What do you feel could have been done to enhance the study?
◦ What else?

Article: Frank, C. et al. (2007). Major outbreak of hepatitis A associated with orange juice among tourists, Egypt, 2004. Emerging Infectious Diseases, 13(1), 156-158.

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This assignment reviews the article titled “Major outbreak of hepatitis A associated with orange juice among tourists, Egypt, 2004”, authored by Christina Frank, Jan Walter, Marion Muehlen, et al, published in January 2007 in Emerging Infectious Diseases Journal, vol. 13, issue 1, pages: 156-158.
The type of this article is original article. It presents the case-control epidemiological study of hepatitis A outbreak in one Egyptian hotel during the summer 2004, aiming to find the source of infection. After a strong increase of hepatitis A cases was reported in Germany during July 2004, it had been noticed that majority of those people were previously travelling to Egypt, an endemic area for hepatitis A. Furthermore, most of the cases stayed at one particular hotel in Hurghada. The authors have constructed a questionnaire and conducted phone interviews with both affected and healthy visitors of the hotel, in order to identify the source of infection....

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