Question 1:
State your research question and generate (revise) your evidence table from the final references determined with your literature search. Your evidence table should fit your project. These are just some format examples.

Question 2:
State your research question with your literature search scheme and generated evidence table from the previous assignments, and add a short paragraph describing:
 Your literature search and selection of the papers for your evidence tables.
 Description how the evidence table supports your research question, i.e. justifying why and how your project is needed based on the literature.

Question 3:
1) For the hypertension analysis BMJ, do you feel the evidence presented is worthy to be added to clinical guidelines based on the methodology applied?


2) For the stroke analysis Circulation, do you feel the evidence is worthy to be added to clinical guidelines based on the analyses?


3) Is the time period selected for including articles reasonable in your opinion for each article? Do you have any concerns that weaken the conclusions based on the selection time period?


4) Was the selection process for the articles acceptable to you?


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Questions 1 and 2
This project aims are to determine the prevalence and risk factors of liver fibrosis in veteran patients on chronic-use methotrexate and to explore if hepatic elastography can be the reliable method of detecting fibrosis and cirrhosis in these patients.
Literature search process: I used two major databases/search engines to search for relevant literature – PubMed and Google Scholar. Used key words were

Question 3

1. YES
This meta-analysis included cumulatively almost half a million participants, therefore the power of its conclusions based on the sample size is significant. The methods for data analysis were...

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