Write about immunocompromised patient and relate it to dentistry.

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An Immunocompromised host is a patient that does not have the ability to respond normally to an infection because of a weakened or impaired immune system. The condition, according to Jawad, Hodson, and Nixon (2015), may be because of the administration of immunosuppressive drugs, chronic diseases such as cancer, HIV/AIDs, pregnancy, and malnutrition. The paper will discuss a diverse range of immunocompromised patients and their relation to dentistry. In particular, the paper will cover the radiation therapy patients, chemotherapy therapy clients, burning mouth syndrome, and HIV/AIDs patients.
Radiation Therapy Patients
Radiation therapy is an intervention that is carried out to treat cancer. According to Jawad, Hodson, and Nixon (2015), the approach involves use of high-energy radiation that shrinks tumors and, at the same time, kills cancer cells. Good examples of radiation therapy methods include gamma rays, x-rays, as well as, discharged particles.
Buglione et al. (2016) revealed that this approach to cancer treatment is a relatively effective method. While this is the case, the researchers indicated that the model has critical dental implications (Buglione et al., 2016). As such, the beam of radiation is passed through a patient’s jaws and other oral structures. As a result, a patient is subjected to several potential sequelae. Confirming this claim, Jawad, Hodson, and Nixon (2015) indicated that the principal...

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