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Nutrition Part of the Lifestyle Plan Part 2 Keep a food journal again for 4 days. Using the table below, list what you ate when. Using the table below, assess how well you met my guidelines and your goals, how your eating has changed over the semester, what your barriers to healthy eating were, and how you did (or might) overcome them. Using the table below, explain why healthy eating is important for you and for the nation? Using the table below, set 2 new specific goals and explain how you plan to achieve them. food journal : Breakfast lunch dinner snacks Day 1 soft boiled egg 1/2 Turkey sandwich on Chicken casserole Plain yogurt with Toast with jelly semi-whole wheat with carrots, onions pineapple and Orange bread (with sunflower and black beans grapes Sparkling water seeds), with avocado cookies and choc. apple with a little oj Salad of celery, cottage chips added cheese, tomatoes and hot peach tea with coffee withsugar cucumbers bourbon (for and skim milk Mixed nuts medicinal purposes) Carrots Cookies with choc. chips 2 tootsie roll pops Day 2 Day Day 4 Reflection: category foods in that category reflection how close to the goal did you get? veggies and avocado I am doing okay for these foods. I always eat the same fruits, fruit celery though, so should try to get some variety, which would give cucumber me more diverse vitamins and minerals. tomatoes carrots for lunch carrots for dinner onion orange apple pineapple grapes protein chicken The quality is good. The quantity is okay. There were only a turkey few bites of chicken in the dinner casserole, so shouldn't really cottage cheese count that. egg fat avocado these are healthy fats, especially since make salad dressing salad dressing witholive and canola oils, which have the healthiest kind of fat. nuts dairy skim milk These are healthy kinds of dairy. cottage cheese plainnon-fat yogurt snacks apple These are healthy kinds of snacks, since the yogurt has no yogurt and fruit added sugary fruit and is non-fat. sugar tootsie roll pops I have a sweet tooth and eat too much sugar. Usually eat even jelly more than this. When there is ice cream around, go bonkers. cookies choc. chips sugar in coffee grains bread in sandwich and this is not the best bread, but it does have some whole wheat toast flour and some sunflower seeds. ILOVE this bread and have no plans to change this part of my diet. What were your 2 goals? 1. Drink less sugar, which use for black tea. 2. Eat more variedly of fruits How has your diet changed since the first nutrition assignment? How well did you meet the goals you set for yourself? What were any barriers (physical or psychological) you had to overcome, and how did you do that (or how might you do that in the future)? How can the nation benefit from a population of healthy eaters? How will you, individually, benefit from healthy eating? statement of goal how you will achieve the goal Goal #1 eat less sugar cut back to 1 tootsie roll pop per day Goal #2 eat more variety of fruits try kiwi, strawberries, blueberries, bananas, raspberries.

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Nutrition Part of the Lifestyle Plan
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