Watch the Food Inc. documentary and answer the following questions:

(Documentary can be found here:

1. What are the problems/issues presented in the movie?
2. What does the movie present as causes for the problems/issues?
3. What solutions are proposed by the movie?
4. After watching the entire movie, do you agree or disagree with the opinions presented by the movie? Explain.

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The problems or issues presented in the movie is the evolution of the American food system. It is considered by many to be a fatal flaw that farming has been converted to the assembly line model which is considered biologically unsustainable. These deviations are most noticeable with gmos and animal raising for slaughter.

The movie portrays multinational companies and there need to maximize profit as the main cause of the food crisis in the US, another contributing cause is regulators for the food industry have working histories with these companies and this poses a serious conflict of interest....
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