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The issue that was identified is the relationship between air pollution and the incidence of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). The PICOT question asked was, are residents of Ironridge who have been exposed to environmental pollution at an increased risk of developing COPD as compared to the residents living in community x 150 miles away from Ironridge without the exposure to environmental pollutants? The PICOT question could be used as the research question, however it may be challenging to find a community that has no environmental pollution, therefore it may be beneficial to use the following research question does exposure to higher levels of environmental pollution cause an increased risk of developing COPD?

First, describe a quantitative study to address the issue that your consultant group has selected. What would be your research question? How will you select your sample to make sure that your study has external validity? What factors would affect the internal validity of your study?

Second, Plan a qualitative study related to your issue. Which qualitative design would you use? How will you make sure that the information you obtain is trustworthy? How is trustworthiness in qualitative research similar and different from reliability and validity?

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--Write a questionnaire for both towns with the following questions.
a. How old are you? (older individuals are more susceptible to COPD)
b. How long have you lived in this town? (Eliminate any individual who has lived in their town for less than five years because it takes a long time to develop COPD).
c. What is your primary occupation?
d. If retired, what was your primary occupation?...

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