What is the question the exp is addressing?
Describe the experimental approach
Walk us through the data
What is the authors’ interpretation/conclusion
What is your interpreation/conclusion?

Readings: An upstream transcription factor, USF (MLTF), facilitates the formation of preinitiation complexes during in vitro chromatin assembly

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This article was developed to report the findings of a research conducted at the department of Molecular Biology, Massachusetts General Hospital, the Department of Genetics of Harvard Medical School and the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the Rockefeller University, NY. In conducting the research, the authors aimed at determining whether USF (MLTF) upstream factor plays a role in in vitro chromatin assembly, specifically by facilitating the formation of pre-initiation complexes. It should also be noted that a hypothesis of the holding the same notion was formed and tested based on an empirical study. To investigate the functions of USF in the chromosomal the researchers used applied an in vitro chromatin reconstitution as well as minichromosomes that contained a major late promoter....

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