Explain the WHO Tobacco Free Initiative and why global tobacco control is an important global health policy (Subtitles are Recommended).
Use a minimum of 5 different references (books, articles or web pages) for the assignment.

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The WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO FTCT) acknowledges the significant harm tobacco use and the essential need to eliminate it. According to the report (WHO, 2013) tobacco kills approximately 6 million people resulting in an excess of half a trillion dollars of economic damage annually with the potential to kill 1 billion people in this century unless the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control is not immediately implemented. While the use of tobacco use is estimated to continue to impact global health as the most significant preventable cause of death, there are documented, cost-effective avenues to fight this deadly menace. The World Health Organization determined in 2008 six evidence based tobacco control assessments (WHO, 2013) with the most effective chance of minimizing tobacco use. Referred to as MPOWER, the measures correlate to more than one of the required accoutrements included in the WHO FCTC.
The central focus of this year’s report is the total ban of tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship (TAPS) a significantly effective means to minimize or eradicate exposure to signals for tobacco use. A comprehensive analysis of the report further details the evidence base for the authorizing of TAPS bans, as well as information related to specific countries pertaining to the status of total bans and the banning of individual TAPS components. As a means of establishing continuing improvement data assessment and reporting the attainment in the MPOWER evaluation (WHO, 2013) have...

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