List the equipment used to assess markers for obesity and malnutrition
• A hospital is expanding its healthcare facilities in the community and will be opening a new nutrition and weight management center in addition to their inpatient offerings. The new director of “The Nutrition Center” (as it will be called) has approached you, as one of the hospital’s clinical nutrition staff, to provide her with names of equipment that will need to be purchased in order to effectively assess the future patients’ nutrition statuses. It is important to note that the purchase proposal may include actual tools, computer programs, and equipment. This proposal needs to include items that will help “The Nutrition Center” effectively identify any patients who are obese or malnourished. Your proposal items need to include accurate methods and tools used for nutrition assessment (proven to be accurate and effective). Cost should be a concern, but accuracy is also of utmost importance to the new director of “The Nutrition Center.”
• Your proposal may include a list or summary of items, but the main essay should discuss the various tools, equipment, and programs that are available to accurately assess a patient’s nutrition status.

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Assessing and Analyzing Individual’s or Population’s Nutrition Intake Using Dietary Guidelines
From: Mr. Kernel, Clinical Officer
To: Mrs. Jones, Director of the Nutrition Center
Ref: Nutrition Assessment System
1.0 Transmittal letter
On Monday 12th June 2015, the manager for the upcoming Nutrition Center asked me to prepare a system to identify the nutrition need of a patient. The systems should be aself-sustaining in tracing, identifying and managing the nutrition related issues of the community....
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