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Interpretation of data: The lab data shows that electrolytes such as sodium and chloride are above than normal range, where as potassium are found in normal range. The blood pCO2 is under the normal values. But blood pH, pO2 and HCO3- are below the normal values. These conditions are most likely referred and diagnosed as metabolic acidosis and relative dehydration.
Increase in sodium and chloride ion concentration referred as hypernatremia and hyperchloremia respectively. Decrease in pO2 referred as hypoxia. Decrease in pH and bicarbonate indicates metabolic acidosis.
The patient is diabetic so she may have complications such as kidney disease (nephropathy), eye complication (retinopathy), nerve damage (neuropathy), heart diseases, urinary frequency, fatigue, weakness, bone pain etc. The patient became bedridden due to weakness in body through hypernatremia, hyperchloremia and hypoxemia caused by dehydration, fluid loss...
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