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Please discuss the ways in which this disease affects the patient, family members and caretakers.
I will give you a case example:
An elderly, petite woman was admitted to a nursing care facility because she could no longer be cared for at home. Her sister had stopped visiting her because she was not always nice to her.
Her niece stayed interested in her well-being and visited the center. One day I arrived at the center and the Social Worker stopped me immediately to see the niece. The women we will call her Mary had just verbally attacked the niece because she purchased the wrong cereal for her.
The niece was threatening never return to see her again.
Another day I arrived and the nursing staff were standing outside of her room and she was inside with a wire coat hanger threatening them if they entered.
Over time she refused to eat anything and would not allow anyone to enter her room.
If you were the psychologist how would you approach the niece, the patient and the staff?

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According to the World Health Organization ‘’ Alzheimer disease (AD) is characterized by a progressive decline in cognitive function. AD is substantially increased among people aged 65 years or more, with a progressive decline in memory, thinking, language and learning capacity. AD should be differentiated from normal age-related decline in cognitive function, which is more gradual and associated with less disability. Disease often starts with mild symptoms and ends with severe brain damage. People with dementia lose their abilities at different rates.’’ (Duthey B., 2013)....

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