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Write a esearch paper about Hyperlipidemia with mention of its biochemistry or relation to biochemistry.
The paper should be in APA format and also must include a one page Summary; at least 5 pages long with references.

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Hyperlipidemia is a condition where excess cholesterol and other lipids build up in the bloodstream. Usually, hyperlipidemia is a precursor to more dangerous, life-threatening conditions and incidents such as atherosclerosis, heart disease, myocardial infarctions, and strokes. When hyperlipidemia remains untreated, lipids build up into clusters in the bloodstream and attach to major arteries and veins, narrowing them and reducing the amount of oxygen available to vital organs.Lipids are extremely hydrophobic molecules; they are almost impossible to break down in water without a solvent. Since the majority of blood is composed of water, lipids usually do not dissolve in the bloodstream and are only removed through physical pressure. As hydrophobic molecules, lipids are usually attracted to any other surface that is hydrophobic or neutral. Arterial and venal walls contain hydrophobic proteins on their surfaces; therefore it is relatively easy for most lipids to adhere to them. All lipids are “amphipathic,” meaning that they contain a polar hydrophilic end and a nonpolar hydrophobic end (Diwan, 2007). ...

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