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Purpose and Overview
The purpose of this assignment is to develop an outline for your article. The article, which should be suitable for publishing, is the major project for this course. Now that you have selected your topic, the next step in the process is to develop an outline. The purpose of an outline is to organize ideas and summarize the entire article in a short, well-organized format. A well developed outline shows the pattern of ideas that support the thesis statement of the article. It should follow a specific format which contributes to the organization and flow of ideas. This assignment requires the application of a formal outline structure. The course readings provide guidance on the creation of an outline. Pre-writing of lists of ideas will help you to get started.

Prepare an outline of your article to be written and submitted for grading. In your outline, please do the following:
● Provide your prewriting list of ideas relevant to your topic as an appendix to your outline.
● Write an introductory paragraph for your article that contains the thesis statement.
● Utilize a formal outline structure to organize your ideas for the article. Include at least two divisions at a minimum of two levels ( i.e., 1 a, b; 2 a, b; etc.).
● Apply parallelism and coordination of ideas in developing your outline. Major ideas should be represented as potential paragraphs with supporting ideas under them. Show the logic of the development of ideas so that the summary of the parts of the subdivision support the division topic.
● Provide a conclusion to your article, in the form of a paragraph.

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A primary cause
The prior memo on this issue proposed that nursing unit leadership vacuums were critical factors in facilitating the occurrence of workplace bullying. Some units where bullying occurred the most lacked leadership due to unit head positions remaining unfilled for extended periods of time. In other cases, unit heads were...

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