This section requires four paragraphs. In one paragraph state the problem. The following questions should be answered: Why is this problem important? What do we know about it? The second paragraph should answer: How will addressing this problem advance our knowledge or improve care? Another paragraph will address what kind of change or changes would you make?

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Since Freudenberger coined the term “Burn-out” in the 1970s, researchers have been investigating how employees in various service-related jobs react to occupational stress (Higashiguchi et al., 2013). Burnout is the state of mental, emotional as well as physical tiresome or exhaustion resulting from prolonged and excessive physical stress, mostly due to long hours of working. It has emotional, behavioral and physical symptoms. Emotional signs and symptoms include failure of sense and self-doubt, loss of motivation, feelings of trapped and hopelessness, detachment and lonely (Higashiguchi et al., 2013). Also, the person develops decreased satisfaction and increased cynical as well as negative outlook. Physical symptoms include change feelings of tiresome, muscle pains and frequent headaches and lowered immunity and getting sick. Behavioral signs include withdrawing from roles and responsibilities, isolation, taking long to complete things and skipping work or coming late (Higashiguchi et al., 2013)....

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